Blocks (title to change)


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Hey all

Sort of an intro and game announcement in one. I'm an amateur who has been working in Unity 3D but some of my many game ideas on paper are more 2D orientated so I thought I'd try some new software and that lead me here.

I have many games I'm going to try to build in Stencyl but the first of which is the starter for a series of fun and educational iphone games for children aimed at keeping them busy in waiting rooms at doctors and such.

This first game is to be a block stacking game. Based on the wooden block sets my nephews play with I thought I'd build a virtual version with many different shapes and colours of each.

Right now I'm just working out how to build a GUI that stays with the camera and acts as a 'toy box' for selecting the blocks from. I'll post a sample build when I get enough going.