Stencyl Judging Results - Winner: Underbyte


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(These are our own internally judged results and have no relation to the player-run judging that Ludum Dare runs.)


Underbyte by Unusual Cadence

We also liked...

Monopathy by azurenimbus
SUPERBLADE by thechaosengine
The Last Flight by travisofarabia
Shine by AdventureIslands
You Are Disabled by Irock

Check out all the entries!


Despite the brief time frame, a lot of the entries we played were rather thoughtful and as a whole,  they made good use of the open-ended theme (You Only Get One).

In the end, we chose Underbyte, a game which exuded a certain retro charm that we really enjoyed. Monopathy was also a consensus pick for its cleverly-crafted puzzles but minimalist premise.

Master Stencylers were exempted from judging this time around, but AdventureIslands put out another strong effort in the form of Shine. Arguably the most popular (and controversial) game was You Are Disabled, an experimental game that evoked passionate responses from players.

Thanks to everyone for making this Ludum Dare a success! We'll definitely be running and co-sponsoring more game jams throughout 2014.

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Congrats to the winners and thanks for trying even if you didn't win. :)


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Congrats to the winner, that was easily one of my favorites! Good luck in the ludum dare ratings to everyone. Thanks jon and judges for the honorable mention, much appreciated.  :)


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Congratulations Unusual Cadence! You game was awesome, and you deserved it!
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Congratz Unusual Cadence! :)


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Oh wow! Just seen this and I'm totally astounded, thank you very much! I would not be able to make these games without Stencyl being a really friendly bit of software for total programming dummies like myself, so thank you for allowing me to even participate in the first place.

Glad that people have had fun with this game. It was a very intense weekend and I only got so much done because of the engine. Here's to more game jammin' in the future! :D