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I am creating a game, alot like the ios platformer example. My levels need multiple checkpoints, and the way I have been doing it doesn't work. How I did it is: On the player type, player, wich is you, i went under events and made an actribute called level number. it starts as one, and when you hit a player type that is a flag, it loads up the level two scene and it changes it up by 1. on level 2 there is a checkpoint flag and you colide with that and it changes the scene to level two part two scene and it changes the level number. and so on. it doe'snt work well. is there another way, and please post detaild instructions with it, because i am not very familiar with stencyl


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The way I would do it is...I would make an actor with an image and call it checkpoint and when the player collides with it make a gem attribute allies level and set it to level plus one

Then include an if statement in updated part of scene block code saying

If level = 1
If actor is killed
Move actor to x, y (2 separate blocks)

If that dosen't work replace the move with create actor ate x, y 
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