Selling: 5 songs for you game!


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I have 5 original songs here for sale. They were for a game project of mine which I cancelled around a year ago.

They were for a cave delving game I was working on, but that got cancelled when exams, family,etc. got in the way, and took all of my available time away from me.

Want to preview a track? click here - Track no.04

All 5 tracks will cost £5 - a small price to pay considering the quality of the songs :)

If you want to purchase a copy of these to use in your game, ROYALTY FREE, then contact me via email @



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I listened to the track that you give as an example to get a feel for what you do. The sounds are all very nice, the main issue is that it's quite clumsy, there are a bunch of notes that sound off and the main instrument is detuned too. The transitions between keys throughout the piece are quite awkward too.

But like I said, sound wise it's spot on. :)

My advice would be to give the songs for free. Isn't it worth doing that and getting your name out there (free marketing worth a lot more than 5 quid) rather than earning 5 quid (which really isn't that much) on a one off?

Good luck. :)
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