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Hi All
I am trying to create a mario/metal slug sort of game that involves a player moving along a long world to reach the final "goal". I am new to stencil and have got some of the basics down, but I can't seem to implement the control parts of the game properly. I want to create a few different standard control buttons on screen to move the player up, down and to fire at the enemies that appear. I've tried to do this by creating actors and assigning them speeds to move with the player, but that doesn't work.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated, think this game could really be cool as I have a graphic design background and all the actual graphics are completed and look really cool


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Well if you want an actor to disobey the camera view and  always have samme coordinates use the block called "anchor self to screen".

The easy way to do this is to have different booleans to only become true if an actor is pressed:

example: You want a player to be able to move right:

make a game att. (lets call it right?) and under your player > always:

If [right?]   
set x-speed to [50 (or whatever)]

otherwise if not [right?] for self
set x-speed to [ 0 ] for self

Under your right click-able button:

if (mouse is holded or touch is touching)

set right? to true


set right? to false.





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Understand what you're saying sort of, but there is still no effect. Here is what I inputted:

Think I'm missing something here, but the actual button does not appear on the test at all?


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First if you test in flash then it won't help to use touch inputs and second: you should stick the first part in an always event



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Do it like this for your on screen button:

(see attachment 1)

Do it like this for your player:

(see attachment 2)