Absurd problems with iOS testing


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Serious problems with iOS testing. It seems to be working randomly. I wanted to check the included Stencyl iOS examples by exporting them to my iPad Mini. The Joystick example used to work, now suddently doesn't work anymore. XCode just gives me a bunch of errors, some of which I just can't fix and don't know what they mean - hard to find my way in there. What's amazing is that this happens with the basically unmodified included examples. How it this possible? And how is it possible that it used to work a few days ago and now the exact same project just doesn't compile?

Other test projects, work randomly, whenever they like. Exports are not consistent. They work once and then Xcode decides to give me some new error. It's making me insane.

I couldn't make a simple reload scene touch button to work. Again, it works AT TIMES.

A lot of behaviors give me errors that prevent me from compiling. After I removed them I can compile. This often included the simple out of the box iOS Text Label, and a few other very basic ones. These standard behaviors give me "semantic issues" on XCode. Why do standard behaviors and example scenes give me these errors.

I couldn't make a button that reloads the scene work. Most of the time it would crash the app and giving me uncomprehensible XCode errors.

Then, randomly, the reload button would work magically, and then crash again. Been trying to make a working restart button for days.

I'm almost giving up on Stencyl unless somebody can help me out. It's going to be impossible to make a game with such random uncomprehensible (for me) build errors, and crashes for simply reloading a scene, I'm just using the reload scene block on a touch actor event!

I am including a couple of screenshots. One was what happened when the scene was reloading, and then the game got stuck .

The second is a bunch of errors than prevented me from compiling the Joystick example scene. How can I ever fix the "ApplicationDelegate.m" semantic issue? I can't! This makes it way too hard.

Maybe I should reinstall Stencyl, maybe some internal files are fucked up?

Maybe it has to do with bugs only solvable buy paying the fee and using Stencyl 3.0?

I have the last Xcode, all is updated. Maybe Stencyl doesn't like the new XCode and SDKs?

or what else?

I'm exhausted after nights of fighting with exporting test scenes to iOS with Stencyl.


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I have the last Xcode
This is most likely your problem.  Just wait until 3.0 goes public if you don't want to subscribe now (you will need to subscribe for publishing though).


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So, Stencyl 3.0 is tested to work with the latest XCode?