Quick Tutorial: Buttons in Stencyl 3.0

Recently lots of people have had trouble making buttons in Stencyl. This video tutorial is quick and easy and explains how to make a basic button. From there you can use the knowledge to use a button for something more complex.

Video on Youtube

I'd like to make a few more tutorials since my last one seemed to help some people. Any ideas on what you'd like to see? (Also, I'll be recording with higher quality)


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I don't have any questions, but I was thinking maybe you can look at the forums to see which questions get asked frequently and make videos on those. (I liked your tutorial, keep up the good work:) )


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I'd love to see a dynamic button text tutorial - so a tutorial combining the use of buttons and lists whereby the lists contain the text that will appear or be drawn on the button/by the button depending on user input.