Description language (solved)

I'm quite far with my first game and want to publish it in more then one country.
I wrote my description in German and English but how would this work when publishing?
When I actually publish my game, would I need to publish it 2 times (one with German description, only for Germany and one in English for the other countries)?

As it would make more sense to me if I can choose which description shows in which country, without uploading it more then one time.

Hope someone can help :)

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you can also make a pre-start menu scene in which they can select the language they want to have the description in. for exsample if they select the english flag, they are directed to the english written description, and if they select the german flag they get directed to that scene with the description. 
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I mean the app description you see inside the AppStore.  :) Sorry if I explained it wrong  :-\

When I want to publish my game inside the AppStore, Apple would ask me something like "publish in all country's or in just one country", and I would take the English description for the non-German stores, the German description for the German stores.
But how would I do this best without uploading my app 2 times?
As the app is no different one for other country's, just the description would be another.

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Thanks, that's what I was searching for  :)