GoldSpace (Working title: Space Pirate)


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I wrote a retrospective which highlights the following topics:

What is Space Pirate?
Explore a dying galaxy in this high-octane, story-driven twin stick shooter. Upgrade your arsenal and gun your way through dynamic, fully destructible environments. Can you find a New Earth?

With an 18,000+ word script, Goldspace features multiple endings and optional missions. Bond with your crew, negotiate with rogue opportunists, and discover the dark truth behind your mission.

Take your pick of weapons as you torch, freeze, or blast your own way through 40+ enemy types. Cause reactive destruction by burning fuel, setting off alarms, damaging engines, and more.

Fly your ship where you want to go, whether that means targeting alien outposts, wealthy merchant ships, or derelict wrecks. Upon arrival, explore immense levels with secrets and multiple routes to each goal.

Story background:
By the year 3050, humanity depleted Earth’s natural resources. Hardscrabble soil led to famine, and elevated regions became uninhabitable as oxygen levels continued to drop. When aquifers withered away, wealthy countries learned to melt the ice caps for drinkable water, but their overzealous efforts led to flooding that devastated island nations. It wasn’t the apocalypse, but it was close. Scientists predicted a societal collapse within two centuries and the end of humanity within the millennium.

In a flurry of activity, world leaders instituted a program aimed at discovering a new habitable planet. Space shuttles launched into space, each equipped with a team of twenty. Each team was promised unimaginable wealth should they find a new planet on which humans could live. The world leaders called this plan GoldSpace.

I loved playing Buck Rogers, Whale's Voyage and Star Flight 2 on my Amiga 500 and i would never even think about trying to copy the complexity of these titles with the limited resources i have. Starflight succeeds largely because the exploration mechanic works so well.
One thing i had in mind though while playing was the wish to explore ships and locations a bit more as i could. I loved finding ancient ruins. The game i have in mind won't get anything near the exploration possibilities of these games but it is definitely an inspiration.

Some topics from this devlog i want to highlight:
Autotiling - how i use it
Autotiling - how its setup
Some thoughts on performance
The cover system i use
Some thoughts on portraits
A bit about the story background
Some feedback from user tests
Feature: Using an escape pod
How to keep the level design of a planet interesting
Autotiling - how its setup
Hint: How to avoid missing actor erros

Please let me know if you like or dislike it.

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Played the "first level" and loved it.
"Find the fun"


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Thanks a lot!
I guess i have to build more levels :)


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hi guys,

trying a new weapon: the Freeze gun!

I will add new levels and features when i am back from my vacation in 2 weeks.


Freeze gun in action having hero end up in mine field:


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This game is so epic! How much time have you put into it?
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Nice that you like it!

I do it in my spare time because i enjoy game design more than playing games.
The goal was to work on it every day a bit (5 minutes to 2 hours) which gives me a nice sense of progress.
I guess...since a couple of months?

I plan to finish it until this summer and will keep you updated after my vacation.


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I especially like the way fires are spreading! I'll keep an eye on this development, good luck with it!
"It came from the forest!" a zombie defense shooter
Also, check out my RPG inventory system on stencyl forge or test it:
Current project (hack n slash RPG):
I also do Unity development both 2D and 3D


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Small update!

I am currently working on the game loop which is happening in between (or on top) of the levels.
The player has to find Space Eldorado (as shown in the intro of the demo) as the goal of the game.

In short:
  • the player needs to find 20 pieces of data hidden in locations on the star map to decode the coordinates for Space Eldorado
  • There will be different nebulas on the map which harm the ship
  • The spaceship needs to be equipped with shields to pass them (shields can be bought with coins)

I am not sure yet if i need "space ship health" (now the green bar) or if fuel is enough.
The "health" of the ship currently goes down when the fuel is empty . I don't think there will be any additional fights in space.

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I am still working on the goal system.
In between there are some alien eggs hatching :)


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Goal system:
I am making good progress regarding the goal system.

You basically have to find x pieces in ships or planets of some kind of key/data to get to the final level.
The map will show you where pieces are hidden:

Beside that:
  • Changed the weapon handling system (the last picked up weapon does not instantly become activ anymore)
  • Fixed the bomb amount bug (you can now pick up more then one bomb and also showing now the amount of it)
  • A lot of smaller improvements

I plan to upload a new version next weak or the weak after.
Two question i have:

  • Could an admin move this post to "Game journal"? I want to finish this game
  • Are there major performance improvements when you play an .exe instead of a browser version ?

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The more i proceed in the game creation process the more i start to dislike the performance in the browser.
Using an .exe has incredible better performance.

I am asking myself:
Should i stick to browser to find sponsoring on FGL later or should i proceed with an .exe?
I dont have much experience with distributing an .exe. Desura, Steam (if at all).

I found this link helpful though:

What do you guys think?

Meanwhile some holes in the floor:

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Cute game, somethink i would definetly spend money on if aviable for mobile devices. Keep up great work!


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I am currently working on the planets because i think just space ships might be to repetitive.
Having fun with the Tile Api :)

Regarding mobile: Yes...that would be nice but the controls might be too much (moving and shooting).
Lets see if i simplify it and how much that would be.

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Small update:
I am still fighting with the digging mechanic.

Have some of the background sounds in between:
(not a huge fan of the last one yet)

All produced using Cubase and synths like Nexus.
I hope i can share soon a working digging mechanic!


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Sounds like you produced well fitting music tracks!  Regarding the gameplay, did u considered adding some sort of aim assist? It would smoothen the gameplay a lot if player ll not be required to stay on the same "line" with the enemy while shooting.  Other than that game looks better and better and cant wait for the completed version;-)