GoldSpace (Working title: Space Pirate)


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Thanks :)
You helped me mentally with feedback in this post which can be so important.
Keep lurking...there might be another devlog appearing from me ;)


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I can relate to Natrium's post and I am really moved you mentioned me  :D :D :D And I was happy to read all the other names of Stencyl giants and remarkable people that make this forum the best one I ever knew.
I also moved on... mostly because I don't have much free time any more due to family, work etc. My gamedev hobby is now reduced mostly to learning a bit programming by watching YouTube tutorials. I still follow many indie devs on Twitter and I check out this forum occasionally. I am always intrigued is there another cool Stencyl game being built and to see what is up with Goldspace. I am happy you kept at it persistently and reached the final stage! Thanks for this beautiful devlog. Please have a nice rest, gather a lot of energy for the launch and enjoy the roller coaster ride.


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" 545th stable build of the game i released after 6 years"

Congratulations !!!

I've played the latest beta on windows and enjoyed it (maybe I enjoyed it more using the cheatcode :D )
The hacking terminals are a treat as always. The enemies are well spread. I personally don't like to follow dialogue but at least the first hijacking didn't require knowledge provided by the npcs.

The amount of work you have put in really shines. Tiny little things I saw you made over the years made me smile.
You really had the perseverance to continue to work on this project and I applaud you for it!

I've followed along with your devlog and it is inspring!
Thank you for all your effort in keeping this devlog up to date. It was a treat to follow your progress and decisions.

Proud member of the League of Idiotic Stencylers! Doing things in Stencyl that probably shouldn't be done.


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Congratulations! Game dev was the story of all of us. : )

I like everything about this game: graphics, animations, sounds, music, challenges, etc.
This game can pleases the 3/4 types of players:
Achievers: what I achieved
Explorers: explore mysteries,
Killers: detonate and blow everything up
Only for Socializers that have less stimulus

What could still improve is Level Design.
You could make about 3 versions of the game just combining and repositioning elements.
The "level design" can be better understand as "progression architecture".
This could be better elaborated if you could work and focus only on this.

For example, the first challenge/phase could be much simpler and faster to complete.
And next mission, a little more slower and more difficult.
And without many elements on the screen.
You do not need to spend all your ammo at the beginning.

The richness of elements, details and variations can appear gradually to surprise the player.
The complexity should gradually increase.
After the player has experience with the game, all can be more free.
Much players also like to have a "checklist" that produces a sense of progress.
Like finishing the level with all items found or 100%.
And a notion of duration: in universe or galaxy 1, there are 10 phases, in universe 2 there are 10 more phases.
And I complete 10 stages and 15% and found 10 weapons.
That is, keep visible the progression and achievements. How many levels have I complete? How much have I progressed? How much more powerful did I become? What conquest and exploits can I show to other players? What is the return of playing time?
In this game you already have all the elements you need.
The most difficult was programming, drawing , animation and elaborate the idea and universe of ​​the game.
Now the success level of the game depends mainly from only: sequence and reward.

The player who plays a level must be curious to know what the next one.
Like know the rest of the story or the end of the film.
And I believe the game has not yet achieved that at a good enough level (for most players).
And there was little left to get.

In a game there are several progressions: narrative, achievements, difficulty, speed, amount, power, etc.
The video that best illustrates the "progression of power" is this: The Art of Screenshake
youtube .com/watch?v=AJdEqssNZ-U
This video helps like have new eyes to compare amateur games and professional games.

If you still have patience, you could invest more in this aspect.
Asking players and game devs won't help much with Level design.
Players are best to test and modify what you have already developed.
What can help is to talk to those who work with Level design.
Or look for inspiration in other games that has this as the biggest quality point.

But, if it is no longer possible, that learning can be left for the next game.

Also, if you haven't launched, would also be good that you look for a publisher.
For example this: thearcadecrew. They are focused in retro games.
Can help you with marketing, port the game and published on all platforms.
If they are not interested in this genre game they can recommend something.
Anyway, good job. I can even suggest these ideas, but I wouldn't do better.  : )


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Hi guys,

thanks a ton for those kind words domagojbulat and mdotedot. Those mean a lot to me and i am very happy to hear that you enjoyed the dev log! Happy that we had that journey.

Thanks gurigraphics for the detailed feedback!
I totally agree to what you wrote. Especially the section around the progression and also the level design.
I was thinking about this a lot and i decided that its time to move on to a new project, take all the learnings and put those into the next game. There are also other technically parts i would like to improve. Pathfinding for enemies, different resolutions, the whole techtree done in a meaningful way, modable weapons and much more.

I added voice over to the intro of the game and did some last minute polish. The release will be soon but without a publisher. I will do one last post around that in a few weeks. The one big challenge will be art in the future. I did all the art myself and it is of course simple. Not too bad though, i think. Some call it retro but for many it might not be appealing. Paying an artist for this amount of art would have been impossible. I will have to see how i handle this.
Anyways, thanks again for the feedback. I will keep you posted but i can assure you that there will be another game.


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The game is awesome. I played 5 minutes and achieved Level 2, and I loved the game! I like the idea of the old-fashion interface because only old-school boys will appreciate it.  Still, it's very interactive for me, and I think many people should know about it! Try to build a strong marketing campaign to monetize it. Social media marketing can bring you a lot of audiences. One of my friends, a game developer, works with [link removed], which came with innovative marketing ideas and brought many people to his games.

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Thanks for the kind words!
I agree and it the point i could not fix or maybe didnt have the energy for it: finding a partner for marketing.
I will approach it better next time ;)


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I've always loved this project. Been keeping tabs on it over the years. I don't know if you've worked on anything more recent, but this is one good accomplishment.
PM me if you require help.  I'm always glad to help out!


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Thanks a lot!
I am currently working on a small firefighting game to use/learn pathfinding and i hope that i can get back into a bigger later this year. I am posting progress on the discord.

I already have the idea for the next game but i still have to decide if i go sideview or top like in Goldspace.
The game is about a city which is invaded by huge creatures and you have to stop them being shot at them. You will have to destroy them from the inside out because there i no weapon strong enough to stop them.

Some sketches of the city view and how it can look like below:


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Wow. That seems pretty cool! Can't wait to see more!
PM me if you require help.  I'm always glad to help out!


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I am still looking into which tech to use. I am still missing a proper light engine for Stencyl for example and a proper autotiling sytsem.