What To Do If Your Questions Aren't Being Answered


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This part of the forums is very useful and has served amazingly for helping other users. However, I want to remind all users that this part of the forums is, more or less, maintained by the community. Although many Stencylers lend a helping hand here of their own will and free time, it is important to remember that no one is officially obligated to answer any questions that are asked here.

If your questions aren't getting answered, please remember these things:

1.) Please adhere to "Ask A Question" best practices:


Specifically pay attention to number 3. If you give vague information, people are less likely to answer or will have to chase you down for more information. As a frequenter of the forum area, I ask a lot of people to post the code or behavior they are using. Do not assume we know what you want or what you are talking about. Be specific!

2.) Simple questions are more likely to get answered than complex questions

If your question is complicated or very detailed, this means more work for the potential answerer. It is important to remember that, again, most users here are not paid staff of Stencyl, so to delegate an hour or two to chasing down an answer (for free) is not something most will do. Also recognize that what sounds like simple logic (such as following a player or health management) isn't always as simple to put together as it sounds.

Consider carefully the complexity of your question. If you need to, break it down into small parts and try to tackle each individually before posting. For instance, if you want an enemy to move towards the player and shoot at him, you could get movement working first and then try shooting. You may be able to figure some of it out by yourself and then only have to ask about smaller details.

3.) Do some research

There are many resources you can take advantage of to help you along. If you aren't willing to do a little searching by yourself for an answer, you shouldn't expect other users to. Check the help area of this website. Many users have written tutorials or recorded videos on using Stencyl. Although it may not cater exactly to your needs, you can potentially find helpful tidbits that can help you put the pieces together. Be willing to dig.

Here is a (non-exhaustive list) on some resources that cover various topics:

Also, search the forums for answers. Nearly identical questions get asked rather frequently.

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Finally, remember that game design can be very challenging. Although Stencyl can certainly make things easier and provide you with a great interface to make games, its for easing the workload, not completely eliminating it. Expect a fair amount of work and to do most of it yourself. You may have to learn and even struggle along the way to make it, but trust me when I say this is normal. Ultimately, take ownership of your project. Do not expect other users to do half the work for you. As much as some users enjoy giving help, they aren't going to solve everyone's problems. Thank you.
Do NOT PM me your questions, because I likely will not respond. If I have replied to your question on the forum, keep using that topic. Thanks!