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I recently had an idea of ​​mobile game that could be interresting and addicitif, I would throw myself into it so I download Stencyl software starts a little to handle but I would need someone to m help has to use because there are functions (impotantes and not very complicated) that I can not be performed.
I am French passage :)
If someone wants to take the time to help me master the software and why not create the game with me it would be nice ;)


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You should have gone through Stencylpedia and made some demo games before subscribing. That way you'll know if you can handle the application before spending your money. Also, you mention mobile but you bought the Indie package. The Indie package can not export to iOS or Android.

I would say your best option is to look at tutorials (lots of articles on the site, some articles off-site, and there's a published book) to learn more about the program and ask questions along the way. Finding someone to help you from the bottom up is not going to be easy.


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Yes I am aware that I have not the right subscription, but I will learn you do not worried :)
I really want to make mobile games.


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As mentioned over e-mail, we can move you over to the correct package, but you'll need to sort out some issues with your payment.

Please reply to our e-mail. Thanks!

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