Triple Triad from FF8

Hey guys,

Totally new to the forums here, and to Stencyl itself.

I have tasked myself with making a decent recreation of the mini-game from Final Fantasy VIII as a way for me to learn the software. It seems like a good way to grasp the basics, as well as offering loads of scope for expansion and added complexity. I'm an IT technician by trade and I've made a couple of very basic games before for Uni (followed the Kongregate shootorial and made one of my own, a Tetris clone in Unity etc.) but never got too deep into it. Decided to have a proper crack at the whole thing though and see what I can learn in 6 months.

Anyone interested in helping out on the project or simply have some ideas / opinions / questions, give me a shout!

Progress: I'm on Day two and I've managed to create the basic game board, comprised of 9 squares, which each light up as the custom cursor travels over them. Already it's started to get difficult, and that was the easy part! I can tell this is going to be far more tricky than first anticipated.

Ah well, onwards and upwards!

PS: questions for any veteran designers out there - how complex were the first couple of games you made, and what did you learn from the experience? If you could go back and talk to yourself as a budding game designer, what would you say?


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Just want to shout out and say that I look forward to this, especially if it becomes a mobile game. I really enjoyed TT from FF8. :)

Holy smokes, I just looked back over my posts from when I started out and saw this! Thanks for replying Jon. Unfortunately I scuppered this project early on as I realised I was too green to even get close, especially as like you said, I had played it as a fully-featured mobile game: persistent, customisable decks, maybe even networked games etc.


Instead I have been working on a less ambitious title to learn the ropes and it's going swimmingly. Have learnt more than i thought possible very quickly and loving every minute. Very much down to the excellent piece of software you have created, and the wonderful community. Thanks Jon!