Flap Tap and Crap - a flappy birds parody!


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I have a 'demo' Flash version up of a Flappy Birds parody I made.  Coming to iOS very soon (free).

It's called Flap Tap And Crap.  The bird automatically flies, up and down, you Tap to poop on vehicles below.  Points for each hit you make on vehicles, bonus for windshield hits.. or hit other birds.  Vehicles get quicker over time.

You get three misses - there's brief instructions when you load up the game.  Poop lands on road it's a miss, or if a vehicle passes without being hit = miss.

It's really optimized for iOS (Universal for iPad or iPhone, with retina optimizations) and I'm submitting it to Apple tomorrow (probably a week- to two before it comes out on ios).. Meanwhile, here's the Flash link -- it runs smooth on iphone 4s+ / ipod / ipad... seems a little choppy on Flash.


iOS version will be free, has leaderboards, and a facebook share button that will post high score to facebook.  Among a few other things that this flash version does not.  iOS saves high scores locally, and you can even pause then turn off phone and come back to it later and will remember where you left off!

My personal best on web version is 269, try and beat it!

Due to recent Apple and Google regulations, the name is now Grumpy Birdy for ios, follow on twitter:




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I love the idea but the GFX needs a face lift.


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Yes the graphics will improve, and more vehicles.  The gameplay is really the focus and simplicity (both graphics and gameplay , tho I admit vehicles will be retooled to look better).

I've already made a few improvements to the iOS version, should be out next week with updates planned.

Thanks for the feedback

-updated so there's two way traffic.. but you only have to hit each vehicle in top lane.. bottom lane is bonus!

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