En1gm4 - Challenge yuor mind - English Version [iOS]


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I am very happy to announce my app " En1gm4 - Challenge your mind " a iOS game  made with Stencyl  :)
This is the English version of "En1gm4 - Sfida la tua mente -", my previous version (localized only in Italian)  that has been downloaded more than 6.000 times in a month on Italian Store  :D


En1gm4 - Challenge your mind is not an usual app with quizzes and puzzles.
The game will put your ability to solve enigmas, puzzles and logic games in a complete new way!
En1gm4 will challenge you! How many levels are you able to solve?
Only the best ones will come to the end.
Each level consists of a few clues, plus an additional clue.
Based on these clues you will need to find a keyword that will allow you to solve the level and move on to the next.
Do not take anything for granted, En1gm4 is harder than you think!
Will you be able to use lateral thinking and the indirect approach to solve all the enigmas?
Just try!
Sometimes it can seem impossible to solve a level, involve your friends and let them help you!

Download Here

Have a nice day!

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