Stencyl Jam #14 - $1,000 in prizes - 120 entries - Results In!


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Does it matter if you've done that?
Plus, most people will use 3.0 which is relatively new anyway.
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Hi just want to point out that there are actually 1600$ in prizes.  Makes the contest slightly sexier.


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Woo much excitement for this! Jam 2013 was beacoup de fun.


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To celebrate the launch of Stencyl 3.0, Newgrounds is hosting a Stencyl-themed jam, with $1,000 in prizes at stake plus free Studio licenses for each winner.

1st Place: $500 + Stencyl Studio
2nd Place: $300 + Stencyl Studio
3rd Place: $200 + Stencyl Studio

All you have to do is submit a Stencyl-made (preferably with 3.0!) game to Newgrounds between now and March 28th, 2014 to be eligible.

We'd also appreciate if you started a topic in these forums (and uploaded the game to our Arcade too!).

Good luck!

I am planning on selling my game, is it possible for me to make a long-ish demo? Would that still be fine to submit?


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You'll have to ask that at Newgrounds, since technically they're hosting the jam and providing the prizes.
Patience is a Virtue,
But Haste is my Life.
Proud member of the League of Idiotic Stencylers; doing things in Stencyl that probably shouldn't be done.


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I answered the question above. To repeat again - you're judged on what you submit, regardless of what you intend to do with it. If you submit a long demo, the long demo will be judged, not the final game or anything submitted in private.


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Sounds great. Time to begin!


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Yeah started on a new platform game. Probably finishing just in time
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I will be submitting a game for the jam - this will be the first games with an reasonably developed narrative. Updates and info coming soon!


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this time i will rock with my uber casual game


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I have a cool game that i will share soon ;)


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I think I need to enter this time. I have some ideas that might just work and I REALLY need that studio license.

Warzone Gamez

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Sweet. I'm entering. Hopefully my game will be much better than my last entry which was a failure. Having 3.0 should really help. Good Luck guys! ;D
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Not that I've won any of these before, but I'm hoping to spice up the competition a bit with a new TD game idea.

EDIT: might not be a TD but rather another type...

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Cool, i´m on it,  i just made my new game using the  Stencyl 3 and is already upload on NG, check