What kind of problems have you sold with Haxe?


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I am sort of new to programming, currently going through a book on C, and the coding series on Khan Academy, and started (and stopped) a few lessons into python on codeacedemy. It may seem like I am inconsistent, and that is somewhat true, but I am looking to dig into a language that I can benefit the most from.

Stencyl was a random choice for learning game development, and I like it because it makes the code behind the behaviors transparent, which means I can build something using game designer, and learn to make it using regular code.

I know Stencyl has its limitation, but are people solving them using Haxe, what it is built on?

Eventually I want to know enough programming to build my own engines, but I adore Stencyl because I can focus on the important parts of game design, the actual game play, art, and experience, without worrying about spending three plus years not being able to do anything about my ideas.