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Hello everybody,

New Stencyl user here , needing some pointers.  Although I am starting to understand how stencyl works, the programming and every thing involved in creating a game and making all the players and elements work and interact with each other, there is one thing I am having a hard time finding about:  how to create an database of various user's highs scores ( I am talking about people playing the game on different devices), a database any user can consult at anytime from my game's main menu.

I am not looking for an "already made" answer to my question, but rather some pointers regarding what and where should I look for ...

Thanks a lot

Later edit:  i would appear I have started this topic in the wrong section. Sorry for the mistake.  Can an admin move it to the appropriate category ?  Thanks.

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Google Play has a leaderboard service: https://developers.google.com/games/services/android/leaderboards
but it is not officially supported by Stencyl at the moment.
To add an online leaderboard for your android game, you can:
1. Write a Stencyl extension to support Google Play Leaderboard
2. Write your own leaderboard web-service and post/get highscore from Stencyl using the "http request" blocks