Fix this makes problems ! [NOT A BUG]


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in 2.2 when you go to events and create update /when created/ drawing  had some toggle boxes now they arent or atleast i dont have them!

see picture!

before it was usefull cause they helped when i created for a example a 1 time creation or add extra time/life if something = "num" now i cant togle the update or drawing to use it one time it continue loops and overfloods scenes with creations or with add at time or life!
and btw now drawing acts as update always loops ! and before it dident or i`m mistaken?!

if you can tell me how to go pass that or if it will be fixed in new release please do!

till then who can tell me how can i make this! behavior working without adding more then 1 time an item to some attribute Ex: when attribute = 5   create actor  at x y of scene , when actor dies will ad extra time if its in timetrial , and will add extra life when its in arcade!

But because "Drawing" / " update" dont have toggle button now if the attribute = 5 it will continue spawn the actor x y ! or if i set to draw will continue draw it! please need help  ,its the last part i need to complete my project and release My android game! many thanks! waiting for a respons assap!

is there a extension to make stencyl 3.0 show me those toggle sets?! or something?! cause i activated all kinds of extensions from forum but nothing worked! and couldnt see how to make it work !

and btw if i click where it should be the toggle it reacts as it there but i cant see the icon! so only makes a black color when clicked and only 1 time if i try to click it again doesnt do it anymore! 

please help it made me eat my cat food!   :'( :-\

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The check boxes are still there, but the icons next to it are gone. As far as I remember they have been only there for information purposes?
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This feature wasn't implementable after the switch to Haxe. If you relied on it, you'll need to implement it on your own (by having an event shut off, etc. after it's run once). It's not hard to do (wrap in an if block, use a boolean attribute, set to false after it's run once), just cumbersome.


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oh thanks! anyway i got the problem fixed! used the scene behavior on an actor that will short time die! so it wont get to many loops!
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