Super Angel Wings


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Hi this is my first game in 3.0 version i hope you like it

Super Angel Wings is a fantasy bullet hell shooter. Fight with Docens of enemys and hundred of bullets to kill them all. Buy upgrades and be a powerfull angel in this fantastic game

Made with stencyl and stencyljam2014 contest

*Easy gameplay just mouse*
* More than 50 original enemies*
* Dodge thousands of bullets*
* 6 Epic Bosses *
* More than 30 upgrades*

Thanks For Watch and play the game  and  Thanks to all People Who've Help me with some behaviors

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I start the game with 2. x 2 months before the release of 3.0 and i buy a indie license and make the game again with 3.0 and yes almost no lag and i try to optimize the game most as possible 

Thanks for the comment


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Nice art.
Cool light effects.

I wasn't able to play it long enough.
But I really did enjoy the art.

Just the enemies  that I think could receive more attention.
But I only did encounter the green ones at first stage.

The main character has shadows, light effects...
The bullets also has those effects.
But the enemies are plain flat, I think they need a little more work on it.

I will play it more later on to give a more precise opinion.
But its a great game.

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haha, I'm making almost similar game about angel, but angel is different...
Funny... idea flying in the air...


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Thanks for comments guys i hope you like the game!!


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Did play for about 20min, enjoyed it :)

Would be good with  enemie dead animations and/or “get hurt” animation(more then just blink). Just to fit the nice art :) Sick light effects!


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Thanks tobben! next version will be 100% better


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Definitely a fun little game! However, I think you really should reference "Bullet Heaven", since this game is a pretty close clone of it, at least in terms of layout and art.