No backround sound on main screen? how to fix?


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Back round  music is in photo. Code is the one in the middle. This is set on my main screen when the game is first loaded. The back round music plays in every scene except the main screen which is the first one. How do I switch this to get the sound to play on the main screen? Also I just figured out of to create a point system and display it on screen. How do I go about creating a high score box that will display the users all time high score even after they leave the game and come back to it?

Hey dude, what you should do. Is go to you're menu scene, then > Event > Always > Play Sound.

When a new scene takes over the menu one, the sound will stop.

If it doesn't, use the block {Stop All Sounds}

And don't make a behaviour, that you use for every scene that uses always play sound.
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