still cant compile to android stencyl cant find java jdk

i installed stencyl on my new laptop and i cant compile to android. i installed the java jdk but its not working at all. can anyone please help with this issue  here are the logs.


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Your log says it can't find the Java 6 jdk, and it tries to look in a jre folder.  Are you sure you installed the JDK (different than the JRE)?
Code: [Select]
[LOG] JAVA_HOME is set? true
[LOG] JAVA_HOME = null
[LOG] JAVA_HOME Exists? false
[LOG] JAVA_HOME points to a valid JDK? false
[ERR] No JDK found. Attempting to install or ask for the JDK.
[LOG] We're on Windows, searching for the JDK in default locations.
[LOG] These locations are: [Ljava.lang.String;@21f9dd
[LOG] Looking at this location... C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\
[LOG] Looking at this location... C:\Program Files\Java\
[LOG] Location is a directory... C:\Program Files\Java\
[LOG] Looking at this file... C:\Program Files\Java\jre6
[LOG] Looking at this location... C:\Java\
[LOG] Nope, there is no JDK. Ask the user now.
[LOG] JAVA_HOME is now: null
[ERR] Still no JDK is installed. Can't proceed. Either user canceled JDK installation or something is wrong on the user's end.
[LOG] Aborting Android build.
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