Stencyl 3.1 - Now officially out! (Updated on May 23)


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Is there going to be support for removing/customizing pit vectors?

Invin K

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3.1 is not yet?  I need to plow down my project, because I need to change many of actors into Image API..

I might stop my project, until 3.1 release. ooups

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How was that chromatic aberration effect achieved? Is it possible to manipulate the individual rgb channels with this api, or was it done through some means


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Is 3.1 delayed? I've been checking in everyday since late april.. :(


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We're still waiting on a resolution to one issue. It bricks the whole software if it comes up, so we can't release in this state.

On the plus side, every day, new fixes and enhancements go in while we await the resolution, so it's not lost time.


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Do your best to keep it away from the public, Jon. That problem would be a killer to any project! Nice update though.


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Stencyl 3.0 can'trun It says: "This application was configured to use a bundled Java Runtime Enviornment but the runtime
was missing or corrupted." I have 2 problems with that: 1: i don't know what the word "configured" means. 2: I can't run Stencyl! Can you help me fix that?


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Is the sw.jar file lost/corrupted? Check the folder for the main program.


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would love an extension for the following (kinda like must haves for mobile dev.)
1. Android keyboard
2. Google Analytics
3. Leaderboards , pref. Google play game services (if not google play services then something custom)
Games (Droid)


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2. Google Analytics
Not sure about the others but there's a WIP extension for Google Analytics.


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I've soft launched 3.1, so we can make sure there's nothing show-stopping before an official announcement goes out.

We'd really appreciate to know if anything of the nature of "I can't even run games anymore" happens as the location move of the extensions folder held us up for a while.

Grab it at the usual place.

Shorter summary of the changes are here.

Full changelist is here. It's massive!


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Congratulations to Jon and the  team.
That's a massive release.
Well done!

Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

MayazCastle Keeper


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Games seem to run fine.
On first run I did get an error, and the "System Debugger" behavior came up with a bunch of errors.
I didn't have it enabled to my knowledge. I unticked all the boxes and proceeded as normal.


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WOW, a lot of enchantments and bugfix in the new version! Congratulations You and your Team! :)


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Issued a slight update that fixes a breaking issue for any web games using scale > 1.