Why is Ogg Vorbis audio cutting out/skipping during gameplay?


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Hey Folks,

Whilst MP3 used to play fine on my tablet whilst playing Narcissus, with OGG anything as simple as a level transition makes the audio skip and cut out. I made sure that it wasn't a problem with the audio conversion and got my sound designer to do a re-export just in case.

When the game is paused the music runs fine, but when it's unpaused it jumps and skips.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and has anyone got any idea how to fix it? Thanks!


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It's a known issue with OpenFL and not Stencyl.. Not sure if they can fix it tbh..
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same here made an druppad for android! in flash works perfectly! but in android mobile when i press some buttons! some play some dont! and all sounds i used for buttons are exported as same! 8000 Hz or freq , mono channels cause if i use stereo then audio wont play at all! and if i use bigger freq will load in ages! but the music files and other stuff play well just 6 out of 8 buttons dont play! and all sound are made from same sound! just distorted! and dident used high bass or hights! so it shouldnt be a problem! any1 knows any fix?!
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