Soul Source - Procedurally Generated Dungeons


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Hi All,

Uploaded my game to Newgrounds for the Stencyl Jam 2014. 

Soul Source is a 2-D, top-down adventure game with procedurally generated dungeons.


Without a soul, the body cannot survive...
As a Soul Caster, you can channel the life force of the spirits around you into your magicks.
But can you find the Soul Source and reclaim your life before the light runs out?
Z to Illuminate
X to cast a Soul Blast
Arrows to Move
Game Design - Sanjay Patel
Sound Design - Brett Forest
Music - Tyler Young

Thanks for checking it out in advance! 


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Wow! It's awesome game! How You did light effects in the game?

Thanks! It was a lot of trial and error with layer and actor blend modes.  I'll try to put together a demo project soon and post it.


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Here's a project and behaviors I used to make the lighting work in Soul Source.