Would love to team up with a coder - mobile games:)


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Hi guys,

I am an artist myself, but did try to learn coding from a scratch... and figured out that its not completely my thing : ))
I have release a very simple  mobile game recently (Google Play - kids game "ABC with Zhu Zhu" -  can be checked as a reference to graphics, not my developer skills:))
As I said I am not a big coder, but I have tons of new ideas (and open to new ideas as well). So if someone, with good coding skills, enthusiasm and creative thinking would like to partner-up to make something COOL, I'd be happy!   

You can post your reply here or send me an email at sanalimonova@yahoo.co.uk.



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Hey i hope you are still active on these forums, but i am intrested to help you out.
i have quite some experiance, even though i havent uploaded allot ( i tent to help other more then myself haha)

PM me if there is any intrest =)
My new profile is TheIndieStation.
When you see a recent post with this name, i'm probably using my phone. So dont mind any typo's =p

( i tent to help other more then myself haha)
xD Same here Sdieters.

How's it been buddy!?
I'm 17 years old, here to help and Entertain. {Also to make fun games}
ADAM: (http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/25588)
Also, if you need help making a platformer, search {Jumper} in Stencyl Forge. This is a player with everything you need in it, that i made. Enjoy!


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sure just Pm me if you interessed
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I had some great ideas before. Problem was I had to do all the drawing myself. I could use an illustrator, finish some of my projects.

Or maybe start new one :)