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Current version has 2 bugs that you may find quick and I will fix tonight.
1 - Red button on scene 1 is in front of actor. Will put it in back layer.
2 - Button to unlock security room is in a bad position. So to unlock you need to keep walking or you will leave the button area.

Hey guys,

I am going to enter Stencyl Jam 2014 with my spy game.
Its a Stealth / Action 2D Platform game.

I was not able to include all scenes for Stencyl Jam, as its kind of huge and still being made.
So I did include one complete stage that contains 2 scenes.

Playing it you will find a lot of functionalities I made for it.
Dialogs, Pop-up Messages, Actions, and so on.

It is a fully playable "short" game.
Think of it like an intro for the game I am still working on!

Please be aware that it is still a 'work in progress' game.
I am still developing its engine, fixing some bugs, and specially drawing and digitalizing images.

Its a one man job that I do love to do.
But its hard to do everything simultaneously.

You will play a 2D stealth / action game with a lot of comics on it.
Be sure that I will increase its difficulty as player progress on to next stages that will come in the near future.




***** Inspirational sources:
   - spy movies that we all love - Mission Impossible, 007, Bourne, among others!
   - stealth games. Specially Commandos (player detection / hide, change actors...).
   - Comics Books.

***** Next steps / Soon to come:
        - Finish intro and other comics strips with higher quality (its still as scratch).
   - More stages / new enemies / lot more puzzles - that will be geting harder as you progress in the game.
      for instance:
      - moving platforms.
      - new kind of enemies.
      - different AI for different enemies.
   - A lot more comics strips / story plot.
   - Enhanced images - characters, menu, intro screens and so on - I am looking for an artist to work with!
   - Action scenes - a new engine in the game for action.

***** What I am planning to do if I do win the contest:
   1 - Use 100% of the prize money to hire an artist.
            I am a developer myself not an artist.
       So I am fully aware that there's a lot of fixes and improvements to be made on that area.
   2 - Develop a timeline to deliver the final product.
   3 - Create a Twitter / Facebook and blog page to track down the progress.

Hope you guys do enjoy it as much as I am enjoying creating it.

And all feedbacks will be really appreciated. Positive or negative.


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I love the artwork! Good luck on your game!



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Thanks guys!!!
I am really hurrying up to make the game presentable.

There are a lot of updates that need to be done.
Specially on the graphics. Comics strips above all.
And obviously a few bugs I found.

I will update a new version probably tomorrow night - maybe earlier.
Thats the date I am planning on uploading it to newgrounds.

My to-do list have:

14 essential items to be done.
18 secondary items (enhancements).

Probably I will not be able to do it all. But for sure I will upgrade it a lot till tomorrow.

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Hey guys!!!

My game is available at newgrounds for Stencyl Jam 2014:

But its not listed on StencylJam 2014 yet.
I did use stencyljam2014 tag. =)
Maybe its just a matter of time.

Feedbacks are really welcome.
I Will keep updating it as long I upgrade / enhance / polish it.
I am planning to update it daily (enhanced images, backgrounds, a few bugs...).

Hope for the best!

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