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Deadline's fast approaching and I'm starting to panic so to gee myself up I thought I'd announce my game and hopefully get some mild encouragement and feedback.

Therefore I present to you

Battle R Isle

At the behest of the brutal government regime you and 19 of your classmates are standed on R Isle and given one instruction: Kill each other off. Starting with a random weapon you will explore R Isle killing or being killed over the course of a 3 day Battle R-(no wait I can't call it that can I?) holes bared blood bath.

Exciting features:
-Full blown A* pathfinding (Huge props to Jihem for the extension)
-14 exciting weapons (from guns to swords to inflatable mallets)
-Head explosions! (Step into a danger zone for too long and watch the brain chunks fly!)
-20 Playable characters (Pick your favourite!)
-Persistent deaths (Bestrew the island with corpses)
-Multiple endings!

Incoming features
-Music! (No idea where I'm getting it but it's going to be immense)
-Sound effects! (Also immense!)
-More Endings!
-Better aligned weapon animations!
-Buildings and building interiors!

Known Issues
-Lack of audio
-Ocassional crash to do with spawning actors types when calling them by name with custom blocks
-All the actors below row C spawning at 0,0 (need to update the safe positions on a per scene basis)
-Possible lack of originality...
-Wait haven't I seen this all before somewhere (including that logo?)

I should also probably point out that I'm a huge BR fan and the whole point of this was that I've always wanted to play a Battle Royale game so I thought I'd try doing a game I wanted to play more than I wanted to make. I'm not affiliated with anyone who has any affiliation with the franchise in any way and all copyright, patent, eveything belongs to the hard working and talented people who originally created the book, film and manga (and I guess who ever owns the rights to each of those now).

Any feedback is super welcome.

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