Unicycle vs Stampede


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Well I made my first game for the Stencyl Jam 2014 and it is up there(waiting for judgment) and the Stencyl arcade. 

Stencyl arcade:


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Released from judging and out of 300+ views I have 2 1/2 stars.  More than I was expecting from my very first game.
The art was bad because I made it myself but am happy to have accomplished a game.

When the game starts it says "made with Stencyl" in bottom right corner for a second instead of the Stencyl logo in middle like I have seen in other games.  Did I do something wrong when I published to flash file or is that the new way it comes up in 3.0? 


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Nothing wrong at all - we removed the splash screen option and went with just the lower-right banners instead.