Yakuza Rising (Featured Newgrounds and Gamejolt!)


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Hey my game got featured on gamejolt! Yay!
Play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636501
Best of luck to all who participated.  Cheers

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I tried it. Really good work. It's solid and artstyle and everything is so coherent!
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Hey thanks man!


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I love this game! Simple but really cool and with nice little flourishes all over (like the cut overlays when you use the sword). How long did it take you?


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Um not too long. I did most of the work in this last month.


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Great game! Really fun!


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The running, gunning, sword slashing gameplay was surprisingly satisfying, the stop effect when cutting enemies was cool.

The game's graphics are very tiny though, next time I hope you try creating bit bigger artwork or use scale modes, it would make playing the game much more comfortable.