Glow by Project 4491


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Hey guys, here's something my team and I was able to finish for Stencyl Jam 2014!

Stencyl Arcade seems to be quite busy right now, so we'll upload it there a bit later.

By Project 4491:
A game concept that was originially inspired by That Game Company's 'Journey.' An old concept we decided to build and be shown here as you see today.
WASD - Movement (W and/or Space Bar is Jump)
MOUSE 1 - Fire "Glow Power"
You are a part of another tribe out there in maybe another world, another dimension, or maybe an entirely different universe. You wake and notice your companions are leaving for another place, unable to keep up with the majority, you are forced to find your own way back to them.
- Use your 'glow power' to travel! Hit the smaller stars to plan a course, hit a bigger star to trigger your flight!
- Avoid having your ability crippled by ghosts, once they know you can't use your ability, they come after you!
- Your Glow ability will give you intense push back if you use it while crippled, you might be able to use it for quick dodges!
- Float regions make you lift up by default they're differently colored areas on the map.

Hope you like it! :)


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That was quite interesting. I rather enjoyed it.

It's too bad you weren't able to finish it in time- have you guys considered writting a post mortem for the game- it seems like it would be an interesting read


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We're in the process of discussing the post mortem among ourselves, then we'll probably compile observations after.  But thank you so much in the interest! We mucked up pretty bad on this one so we're all currently pretty discouraged.