Stack Bunnies


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Finished this pretty close to the deadline and ended up too tired to make a thread so here we are a day later.

Play Stack Bunnies!

Stack Bunnies is an action game about a bunny collecting weapons- all of which stack on top of each other- to murder a whole bunch of cave creatures with, all to gather enough firepower to destroy the cave keeper, whoever that may be.
PRO-TIP: Health restores to 3 after every room, so don't be afraid to tank stuff if you have to!
-20 different weapon types (8 per playthrough is the max load out)
- 8 semi-random levels

I wanted to make something crazy and push Stencyl to its limits when it comes to explosions and bullets and stuff on screen. Ended up pushing it a bit too far and as it turns out there have been people going through multiple playthroughs just to collect every weapon, so at that point the game lags, slows down, p much grinds to a halt. But it's fun getting there, I think!

Shoutout to Stencyl and NG for another great jam. :)


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Cool game as always Folmer,

Great effects in this one, Although i got one of the angry up and down block guys stuck under a ledge with a bomb, so he was only going up a couple of cm then down again, the screen shake was insane!


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The game was a fairly interesting idea, and a pretty fun one at that, but that art- that's what really drew me to the game. Its just so charming. 

Looking at the pixel art I can tell that you really know your stuff.

Good luck in the competition


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Could you also publish this to our arcade?


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Indiegames dot com the weblog was nice enough to make Stack Bunnies the browser pick of today and mentioned the Stencyl Jam, too. Yay!