Breakneck (new version)


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Breakneck is a demo for an upcoming game featuring tricked out trucks, killer aliens and stolen loot. All you need is two fingers to become a hero. 'M' to speed up (or click anywhere). Friction will slow you down. 'Z' to tilt the gun up, gravity will bring it down.

This is version 2. We aren't trying to re-submit. The unfinished original was uploaded about 5 minutes before the deadline on March 28th. We spent an extra 8 hours to make it playable. If you tried the original, it's worth a re-play.

YOU CANNOT AIM DIRECTLY! That's the point. Heck, the alien saucer is always in the corner. That would be too easy. Consider the truck angle and bumps as you try to aim.
This is still just a demo that is missing non-gamplay features, like a star rating system for levels.
All constructive comments are appreciated.