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 Hey all! New to Stencyl  and to these forums. A lot  of good information but I just have a simple question.  If I wanna make a game to go  straight to the app store, do I still have to edit the behaviors and events as if I was making a flash game  plus a  mobile game or  can I  only use the mobile  behaviors and events?  Any  feedback would  be appreciated!  Thanks


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If you are just making a mobile game, you should be fine with just focusing on the mobile controls and the like. Note that a lot of the codes double (being both for flash and mobile, such as the mouse codes being the same as touch codes).

If you are worried about a code block, in the Flow -> Advanced palette, you can find the block "do only in..." to make sure the game is mobile (or flash) when that code is being run.
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Great! Thank you for your information.   Thats gonna help me a lot.