Artist looking for an iStencyl(beta) programmer to team up with.


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I'm looking for an iStencyl(beta) programmer to team up with. I'm an iStencyl tester myself, but time due to time constraints, I'm not able to continue to make games on my own. Music and graphics is takes its time to create.

 I'm looking for some one who is:

-skilled at coding in (i)Stencyl. Need to see samples, video or released games.
 -over 18 years old.
 -good at finding and fixing bugs.
 -passionate about creating games ( all genera).
 -good at balancing an creating interesting and challenging gameplay.
 -ready and able to work 1-3 hours each day.
 - good at communicating ideas.
 - able to handle criticism but also give criticism when needed( I'm good at graphics, but not an God).
 -willing to publish under my company (shadow-embryo. You'll get access to the account to check sales, and contract will be written)

To sum it up: I'm looking for someone to create games with, not someone to do only the coding for me. we'll work as a team and split revenue 50/50.

Why you should want to work with me:
 -I'm an 32 years old Norwegian, experienced 2d/3d game artist, currently working as an freelancer.
 -I'm also an musician.
 - got tons of ideas but also interested in working on others ideas ( just want to make awesome games)
 -I'm not stubborn:)

Released games (made with GS):

 Send me an mail:

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