Is there a global / project-wide search function?


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One problem I'm having is keeping track of all the user-created attributes, events, etc. that build-up when making even a simple game in Stencyl. FlashDevelop and Visual Studio have global search functions that allow you to search for a string anywhere in the entire project.  Most of the designer-focused authoring systems I've used also have such a feature. In my experience this is a fairly critical (or at least highly useful!) feature for any non-trivial project.

I've searched the forums and found a couple old requests for this feature, but it looks like it hasn't gotten any love. Does anyone know if this feature exists, or if it is planned?



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Unless I missed it myself I don't think it exists but it would be super helpful.  If it's not a feature it definitely should be!


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It still hasn't been done, but until then you can try to use custom functions and such to help clear your code.


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I agree.  a search feature is so important for fast development! I find it hard to catch every instance of an attribute or global attribute while working in stencyl and my test projects so far have been fairly small so far. I can only imagine how difficult it will be on a large project. Searching is so important when fixing bugs! Will this feature make it into a future version possibly?


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im not sure if i understand the question wrong, but if you want to find the attributes YOU created, you can simply use the search bar?
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A workaround would be to build your game and do a "find in files..." search for the "behavior-hx" folder by using an external text editor. This will find every instance of an attribute / global attribute. It is a bit tricky because you have to be able to "translate" the haxe-code back to your blocks from the stencyl editor, though.

im not sure if i understand the question wrong, but if you want to find the attributes YOU created, you can simply use the search bar?

 I think the issue is the previous posters wanted a global search across the entire project.

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Yes, I think what you are talking about is what I want to do, but I was hoping all of this could be done within Stencyl just for fast workflow. I don't know anything about haxe-code and I only have experience with Xcode and C DSP programming.

@ Sdieters
What I would like to do is a search of an attribute or global attribute and have Stencyl show me a list of all the behaviors I call the attribute or global attribute in.

When I use the search for an attribute currently, it will pull up the attribute in the tool pane on the right side, but it doesn't show me which behaviors  I use that attribute in. (Unless I overlooked something, please let me know!)

For example, within Xcode, I can search for any string, variable, etc. and in a pane on the left side it will show me every file with an instance of that string. Then when I click on the file, it takes me right to where that string instance is.

Sorry, I am a noob with Stencyl (only about a month into it), but on other traditional programming dev platforms this feature is fairly easy to do.

Thanks to both of you for your feedback!

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