Need help with a physics based stacking blocks game.


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It's kind of like Drop Block in Stencyl Forge if you need an idea, except instead of stationary blocks, ours is affected by gravity.

So if you destroy a block in the middle, all the other blocks fall down.

Only problem is setting up the puzzle, the blocks won't stay still. They all bounce around and slide until it all topples over. I'm guessing this is an issue with box2d but I am just completely out of ideas on how to resolve this issue. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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You're not making the puzzle in the scene editor first?  What's your gravity set at?


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The bounciness is a little bit of Box2D fun unfortunately. Have you reduced the bounciness and increased the friction of the objects at all to compensate?
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One of the many reasons I dislike Box2D.  It seems that it applies collisions as an afterthought.