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ok the fb app opening works

is it any possibility to open the share function like in the stencyl facebook share button
with the native fb app and not the browser?

when i write it with fb/ and than the sharer code like the browser it didnt work

any idea how it can be work?


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He opens the application, or open his service within the app you are doing with the Stencyl?


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This is really useful and easy to use. You saved my day thanks a lot!


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Hi guys,

I know that this only relates to Facebook but i wanted to ask you guys anyway since it is about opening the app rather than safari.

Since the Facebook extension is not working properly (as i understand from the thread regarding it) I have found another way to post a score onto a players wall. Thanks to ertsgaming for explaining most of the details. The only thing is that I'd rather have the native app to open than the safari version of Facebook (more convenient for the user). I have no idea on how to get this to work so I hope some one can :)
I have attached what i have so far ;)


MW Media

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"How to use them:" graphic in first post didn't work (it's broken).
... so can somebody tell how to use them? :) Where i must paste code to open phone app and call somebody? Which block i must use?


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You should be able to use the "open URL in browser" block, found in the "Game" section of the palette. :)
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Thanks for so qucik rep! :) I tried this earlier (see attachement), but when i click - application crash. (Android info: "Application was stopped"). Any idea why?

Same thing happens when i try to use whatsapp:// and others.
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I've tested fb://watchparty/269776227369327 link and it works on my iPhone 7s, but the link is not active on Samsung phones. Do you know why and how can I fix this? I want the link to open the installed Facebook application from an SMS.