Pausing pauses unwanted things


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"Pausing freezes all “When Updating” events for Actors and all physics, unless you opt them out of pausing. In contrast, All “When Updating” events for Scenes are unaffected by pausing.
All Drawing Events still happen."

I've found out that this is incorrect (or incomplete and misleading) on at least two fields: first, it doesn't just freeze the "when updating" events, but also timed events and blocks (like "do after 3 secs"). Second, it does that for scene events too.

I have the scene behavior you can see in the screenshot below. It would work fine without pausing, but I need the pause to affect other things... and it interferes with the "do after" in the last event.

How can I have the pause affect only what I want it to (or, in this specific case, to have it NOT affect the "do after")?

I had thought of creating a makeship Pause boolean game attribute, under which I'd put everything I need to stop ("if Pause = false ... do stuff"), but that conflicts with other things. For example, I have an actor event that runs every 5 seconds; if I pause the game with Stencyl's normal pause, while the counter for that event is, say, at 2.7 secs, when I unpause it resumes from that point and executes its stuff after the remaining 2.3 secs have passed. If, instead, I use the makeshift one in the middle of the 5 secs, let's say again at 2.7, the counter will keep on running and re-running, and every time it reaches 5 it'll check if Pause is true or false. This means that if a player pauses the game (with the makeshift) immediately after the 5-secs event has done its stuff, then waits 4 seconds (or any multiple of 5 plus additional 4 seconds) and unpauses, the event will repeat itself after only one second of effective play. Imagine this in a shooter, for example: every 5 seconds the player drops a powerful bomb; with the makeshift pause, he could exploit that and use the bomb repeatedly by timing the pauses.


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Does it affect (stop) the timed events?  If it did, how would that be an issue?

I don't think it does, unless something changed.


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I don't understand what you mean... as I said, it does stop the timed events, and it does so for scene behaviors too, not just actors' ones as written in Stencylpedia. From this the issue,  since I need certain (scene) events to still run while the game is paused.