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As some others here, I struggle a little bit with the current audio support. It works, but could need some more love. As you might remember, I already asked for lightweight sound formats as MOD or MIDI to support longer soundtracks, background musics and tracks for interstitials to create a deeper immersion without blowing up the size of the game, but I haven't investigated in it any further.

My next idea / attempt is to have an extension that wraps the (native) FMOD APIs into Stencyl. FMOD (Website) is a full production chain for Game Sound Design and Development / Creation and is widely used by Game Studios and already supported by a range of game engines such as Unreal, Unity and even Game Maker. It is a commercial product but free for Indies.

Beside the full audio production environment, the runtime supports lot's of different audio and file formats:
Advanced Compressed Sample and Streaming Support
FMOD Ex includes advanced support for compressed sample formats such as mp2, mp3, ADPCM, CELT, Vorbis and XMA... and much more.

File Format Support
FMOD supports a huge range of audio file formats including: wav, midi, mp3, XMA, celt, flag, ogg and mod just to name a few.

It supports all important platforms, but for what I can see, there's no Flash-Support. But even without Flash, this will be a great enhancement especially for mobile devices and shift Desktop games a new level of experience.
Platform Support
FMOD Ex has the largest range of supported hardware, including:
- Windows (32bit and 64bit)
- Macintosh (PPC, x86)
- Sony PS3, PSP, PS Vita
- Microsoft Xbox 360
- Nintendo Wii, Wii U
- Apple iPhone, iPad
- Android
- Linux (32bit and 64bit)
Google Native Client

Is anyone interested in developing this extension(s)?
Or can we convince the Stencyl team to implement this into the core? :)
Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

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Seconded! FMOD support would be fantastic.


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FMOD on creators hands would teleport Stencyl audio design to professional level. Using many formats is fine but in my opinion mixing and DSP going realtime during gameplay are the key features.
Definitely into the core  ;)


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Bump - Yes please Jon and extension devs!


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this would be amazing - free for indies too!!!