My game art.

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"First I want to mention I changed artwork!Sorry for people who replied."
I am trying to make my own art for my games(not experienced at art) so I started using GIMP to make pixel art.
Please critic the artwork.

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It looks to simple and bland. Im new at art too, but you should make it have a little more detail. Maybe wider bottom with lights. And antennas on the dome part.


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Your next step could be putting more details, Lightning and shadows.
You could always look for references. And copying other UFO assets is not a bad idea.. cause you said that you only started in using adobe illustrator.. so you know, you can learn new tricks and better ways while copying other assets.  :)


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One simple suggestion; I like that you tried to give the dome some depth with a curve of darker shaded blue on the right edge - you need to do the same to the saucer portion with a darker grey. If this is the art style and you keep it consistent in a game it could work, but little touches like shading it as I mentioned would really help.
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Shape's bad. I'd recommend looking at reference images while you're practicing.

Color's bad. Your gray has 0 saturation and your cyan has full saturation. Non-artificial colors usually don't fall into these extremes. Also the colors you have are generic (they look like default swatch colors) and don't compliment each other at all (cyan and pure gray are not usually well used to begin with).

Shading's bad. You can barely parse the shading on the ship's glass, it's also typically amateur to make the shading just a darker shade of the color it's cast over (usually hue/saturation shifts coincide with it), and as Hectate said you weren't consistent with what parts were and weren't shaded. Even though I just said the shading is hardly noticeable, glass doesn't really leave much in the way of lowlights, at least not lowlights that look like that, so it would actually look more realistic if the glass top weren't shaded, and were given a sharp highlight. Also the shading is being casted upward, which will only end up making sense if there's a light-source partially underneath the ship which I'm not sure you accounted for.

The stroke's inconsistent depth also looks odd, the top looks stretched because of it.


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I am trying to make my own art for my games(not experienced at art) so I started using Adobe Illustrator.I made a test UFO anI just want to know if it looks good.Thanks.
Art looks good, but if you're struggling with making art you can always make pixel art. It's simple and people actually like it.
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Have any suggestion so I can practice?


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looks good for a start!
i recommend watching basic art tutorials (color theory etc.) to get better. And draw with pen and paper. pixel art is not "easier" than any other art. sometimes even harder because of the limitations.

and look at other peoples art and try to copy it or remake it in your style. pixeljoint and pixelation are probably the best sites for pixel art.

EDIT: some stuff i like to watch on youtube: sycra, sinixdesign, cuberbrush (they have some basic tutorials that are worth watching)


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Your building isn't bad technically, it's just a boring design. If it wasn't called "video game shop", no one would know what it's supposed to be. Right now it looks like an elevator vestibule in a parking garage.

Google image search is your friend. If you google "retail store exterior" you'll see some interesting shapes, colours, and logos. A viewer should be able to look at the sprite and immediately know it's a store of some sort; ideally, specifically a video game store. Try to make use of archetypal videogame imagery in branding the building: a SNES-like controller shape for the sign, maybe pixel art painted onto the exterior brick walls.

Find some reference, crack open your sketchbook, draw several pages of thumbnails just to explore ideas. Once you have one you like, hit the computer and take another shot at it.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the information.
I forgot that was the name of the saving name.Ill change to lok like a videogame store.