Breaker [Android]


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Breaker is a fun, simple and addicting brick breaker game currently for Android only. Smash your way through each level using an assortment of power ups and rack up your score as you go! The free version features 25 levels, while the paid version features 90 levels plus 2 new game modes (unlimited and impossible mode).

A few features include:

- Various power ups such as bullets, shields, extra lives and more
- Unique brick types to keep the game new and challenging
- 3 difficulties to suit your skill level
- Space backgrounds and retro sfx
- Local high scores

Get the Game

- Breaker Free for Android
- Breaker for Android


Thanks for checking out the game!

This is my first ever game so any feedback you leave on the store or here in the thread would be very much appreciated! I was also only able to test on one device so if you come across any bugs please let me know.
Breaker for Android My first game Breaker is now out for Android!
Get the free version here