Actor to move within the area of a region, does not follow polygonal shape


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Using S3 for iOS, running April 8th release.
I created a polygonal region, and I customized the movement of an actor so he moves within the region's boundaries.
(created a region attribute, etc)
I noticed that the movement follows the rectangular shape enclosing the polygon and not the actual polygon.
(I tested with circular, and again it does follow the invisible square encapsulating that circle)
Any tips on this?
Thanks !


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I think this is due to there not being a collision event based on the physics settings you have set. So for your actor's physics settings, you can try setting the movement to "normal", and turning off rotation and gravity if you need to. I found out that setting the physics to "can't move" won't trigger a collision event for its collision shape, only with the bounds of the actual image.