Newgrounds Error -Unable to load scores- SOLVED


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I am new in Newgrounds, and I have no idea how to solve. I search in the forums and I haven´t found nothing similar. I guess it´s something really easy, so if someone could help me, I´ll be very appreciated.

Image 1: Shows my problem on the game.

Image 2: Shows scene behavior on my "Game over" level

Image 3: Shows Newgrounds settings

Image 4: Shows player´s Health behavior.

I´m a bit confused on where to put the "Submit score to Newgrounds" block

Thanks! ^^

edit: If anyone has the same problem, what I´ve done is that I took out "Submit score" from the "Game over level". That´s because when the player dies, the score is reset. This is the only reason I could fine. =)

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Did you put both Newgrounds keys in your settings?


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Did you put both Newgrounds keys in your settings?

Yeap, both Newgrounds Game API ID & Newgrounds Game Key

Im having the exact same issue, Everything we have done is the same, im still stuck on it. Did you find a solution?