Reload Actor....


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Hello, I'm trying to create a different version of this game for when In-App Purchasing is enabled. I need to know how to simply reload the actor, doesn't matter where in the scene, and how I can configure the event(s) to make it so that the Player dying doesn't have any affect on the score. So basically, making it so that the 1st death had nothing happen, except the animations. Thanks- Evan


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Instead of killing the actor, on your "when collided" or whatever you are using to detect its death, have it run the animation, then switch to an animation that is transparent and has no collisions,  wait x seconds, then switch back to the first animation. You may also want it to set a boolean so that you cannot control the actor during that time (in your control blocks have it check whether that boolean is true or false)

Also, did you get my PM?