Actor Folder Enhancements


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Just a suggestion: maybe the folders one can make to put actors and other resources in should also be there in scene design mode. I'm just saying this 'cause I organized my stuff into folders so that when arranging enemies and essential actors on a map I wouldn't have to sift through the behind the scenes actors that never have to actually get placed in a map (projectiles, gui, etc), but found that folders don't carry over to scene design mode.


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+1 for this suggestion.
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Yeah, it gets really cluttered when all your actors are unorganized.


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I'm also vouching for this suggestion, if it's not trouble to implement.

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This would be nice, yeah. It does get annoying having to scrutinize the list closely to find what you want.


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It's a good one but out of scope right now. I think a tree or a hybrid between a tree and what we have today would be the best way to go. A literal folder interface like the game center wouldn't work well as you'd be trying to flip up and down levels too often.