Are there rules regarding uploading "working demos"?


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I should probably check with the specific websites, but I'm asking here first because I'm on here so much :)

I have a very basic Proof of Concept developed and I'd like to upload it to Kongregate and other sites. I'm hoping to get opinions and Betatest ('alphatest'?) Plus I want artists to be able to see what I have so they can improve upon it.

Does anyone know if there are rules which discourage/prevent this?



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Nope.  Neither Kongregate or Newgrounds cares, but if your demo is unappealing or has bugs then get ready for the low ratings.  I recommend either hosting on your own website or uploading to Stencyl as a work in progress game.


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Thanks!  I'm not concerned with low rating (at least not yet). I have a couple artists interested but they want to see it first. Maybe I'll try it as a StencilWIP first...  But I don't see an Upload button anywhere.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Waitaminute... I think I found the Publish button.

Thanks again!

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