Music is too big


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I am experimenting with a mobile game that involves having 5 soundtracks.  I have converted them to OGG format (which truth be told is not the most space efficient format in the world) and ended up with file sizes ranging in between 1.6-1.8 Mbs.  I have imported them into my game and ended up with an apk of 26Mbs . 
Just as an experiment I have deleted all my music and re-exported the game as an APK -> the resulting APK had 5 mbs.
Does anybody know why the music makes the apk so big ?  Clearly the difference is more than the sum of the ogg files counted together.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi isographer,

Have you checked your resources folder and examined all the audio files there? Maybe you could find out something that way.
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Perhaps the apk is packing mp3 along with ogg? Check the export folders, maybe you'll find something. Have you tried setting the ogg quality to the lowest value you can be happy with?