[Unfinished] LD29 - Slimes Must Die!


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No time to write stuff yet. Still got lots of things to do to call it a game =]

Those RPG-looking guys would not gonna be included in the LD entry but probably in the post-jam.

Trap Placement GIF

Still not sure where to get BGM and SFX for this one... 
Anyways ... Gonna do more traps~! *Fly away

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Awesome art! Keep it going.



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My Ludum Dare 29 entry: Bone Up


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Thanks Guys  :)

Unfortunately, a lot of unexpected things happened in the weekend that ate most of my time. and I just realized that it's too complex for the jam (I'll promise I'll make a simpler one next time  :P )

Anyways... I'll just gonna try to finish it next week.
I'll go check the entries too.  :D