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Starting today, we're doubling down on the blog and will be posting to it several times per week. Our goal is to not just interact with the community but to provide snapshots of what we're up to and what the community is up to for all to enjoy.

What will we write about?

Each week, we'll select a Game of the Week and present it in interview form.

Each weeks, we'll also present a Tip of the Week that will cover some aspect of StencylWorks usage that is useful but not immediately obvious to everyone.

Most weeks, we'll post something about our products, whether it's about StencylWorks, iStencyl, or push into classrooms, or other efforts.

Earlier tonight, I posted up our first Game of the Week entry - Miner by coleislazy.

Read the Interview on our Blog

Glad to see the blog active again. The new additions sound great. And congrats to coleislazy for having the first game of the week!


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Great job, Cole! I liked this game a lot. Jon, do the games have to be on to qualify?
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